Kendo, literally sword way, is a modern Japanese martial art descended from swordsmanship kenjutsu and uses bamboo swords, shinai and protective armour bogu. The introduction of bamboo practice swords and armour to sword training is attributed to Naganuma Shirōzaemon Kunisato during the Shotoku Era (1711–1715). Naganuma developed the use of bōgu and established a training method using the shinai.  

Chiba Shasaku Marimasa, founder of the Hokushin-itto-ryu Hyōhō, introduced full contact duels with shinai and bogu to the curriculum of this koryū in the 1820s.  Also there are many waza like Suriage-Men, Oikomi-Men etc. in modern Kendo which were originally Hokushin-itto-ryu techniques, named by Chiba Shasaku Marimasa, for his school.

The Houston Budokan and the Fresno Dojo are the only two American Dojo's that teach the Chiba style of kendo. Harutane Chiba, practitioner of the Hokushin Itto Ryu style of kendo for sixty-eight years and Sensei to Darrell Craig was the first person to bring the Chiba style of kendo to the united states. 

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