In Texas chiropractors must prescribe or administer treatments that are therapeutic in nature and in the manner in which they are prescribed or administered. 

When one looks up the meanings of these words we find that chiropractic is administered for the purpose of, or relating to, the healing of disease, for reasons of health, or to have “ a good effect on the body or mind; contributing to a sense of well-being.”

Health is the normal function of the human body and not merely the absence of symptoms. 

Disease, on the other hand, is a process having a characteristic train of symptoms.

Chiropractic’s focus is on restoring and maintaining normal function. 

Removing a list of symptoms is not necessarily the restoration of health.

Who needs health?  Who needs the restoration of normal function?  Every living human being.

Why chiropractic?  To work to restore and maintain HEALTH!

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